Facility Info

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Facility Overview

Number of rooms / 6 rooms
Capacity for accommodation / approximately 30 guests
Banquet hall / 2 rooms (Those can be combined)
Bathhouse / 1 for Male , 1 for Female 
(24 hours Public Bath Circulating artificial ceramic hot spring)

Using Science Ceramic for Public Bath

Science Ceramics special semi-conductor paint with semiconductive specialty is coded 92% of AL 203, iron oxides · carbides etc. are added to further enhance redox power, completely new ceramic which can be semipermanently applied without melting It decomposes and sterilizes organic matter and microorganisms. In addition, science ceramic neutralizes water potently to heal fatigue.
It is optimum for those with symptoms such as low back pain, stiff shoulder stiffness, joint pain, cold feet, flesh muscles, poor circulation.